“3D animation is the best way to make your project understood”

Artistic Director, in 3 communication agencies: Bates France, Masius DMBB and Mc Cann Erickson.

I became freelance – specializes in 3D animation. Generally speaking, I am passionate about drawing or 3D animation. In all forms, from simple sketches to 3D short film production.

a short summary of my career

My clients are in France and all over the world, a few examples:

• PlanetSolar (Neuchâtel Switzerland)
• Volterys (Brussels)
• Solutions by Design (California)
• Voodoo Agency (Ivory Coast)
• Aylesbury developments (New York)
• 3D MR Safety Movie (Belgium)
• Formapro online (Senegal)

Everywhere on the planet

At your disposal to make your project a reality. I advise you to opt in the best way the desired result I accompany you from the beginning to the final realization, I do not outsource any part of the work. Anything is possible and everything is achievable, from the infinitely small, to the infinitely large, whatever is your project!

At your service

Dominique FREMOND

228 rue de Courcelles – 75017 Paris

Gsm: 06 61 87 34 73

For information, I can answer you by phone. For a brief, it is better to prepare an email, the more information I have about your project, the more accurate my answer will be in terms of time and quote.

Contact me!