Mascot for Handicap International

Mascot for Handicap International

I present “Hilario” the new 3D mascot I made for the NGO “Handicap International”. This character expresses himself in the language of the hard of hearing, his function is to help collect donations on the site of Handicap International.

Hilario can be seen in the “Act” section on the pages “I support in the long term” and “I sponsor”

Michelin's Bibendum

Here's one of my old 3D animations.

Indeed, the Bibendum dance in China dates back to 2009. Today, July 15, 2019, this video has been viewed 23,363 times on Youtube!

Texture tests

In this video, I do some texture tests with my personal mascot “Charlie” (herbs, hair, changes in the hue of the face when he is angry).
Then it was the Planetsolar boat that went around the world with solar energy for which I made 3D animations and branding (the exterior graphic decoration of the boat).